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Bonnie agrees... If it’s not ‘fun’, why do it?      The first time I tried making glass beads was just for the fun of it, because I love to create all kinds of things, but I didn’t want another hobby. I just wanted to play with glass for a year and stop, without investing in the equipment and supplies. Well, that was 2003 and it’s now ……? You get it...I fell head-over-heals in love with the process, the variety and the open ended creativity of it!  So now, 14+ years later, I’m still learning, creating, selling my work, and teaching. But now I can share my love of glass through demonstrations with my newly created (2016) Mobile Glass Studio.

Over the years I have explored many traditional flame-working techniques. I created original design thread spool beads and unique glass buttons because of my modern quilting hobby. I then discovered a passion for using recycled glass. It started because I lived in the Finger Lakes Region of New York in the hills surrounding Seneca lake, where wineries are plentiful. I began by making custom jewelry pieces for brides from their recycled event bottles. I then made wine bottle jewelry for the wineries. This has grown to include my current exploration of recycled antique blue and green Ball Canning Jars. The memories that touch people when they wear a piece of jewelry from meaningful recycled glass, fills my heart with joy!

Now that I live in Salem, Virginia, (7/2017) I’m excited to see what new ideas develop as I connect with people and places. Every day brings new inspiration!

I have studied flamwork with Jen Zitkov, Trey Cornet, Leah Fairbanks, Caitlin Hyde, Kristina Logan, Loren Stump and Heather Trimlett.  I studied cold working and engraving glass with Pavel Noval, Martin Rosol and Max Erlacher, Master Steuben Glass Engraging Craftsman.  I enjoyed being  a Teaching Assistant at the Penland School of Craft in 2010. My  work can be found in stores across the country as well as in Canada, at and events with the NEW Mobile HOT GLASS Studio that began in 2016.

Bonnie's Original Design Beads have gained in popularity in the fiber market and the wine industry over the past 14+ years. She designed Glass Spool Beads in 2008 and they have been published in "Quilter's Home", March 2009, "Quiltmaker", March/April 2010, "Quilting & Embroidery", Spring 2010 and the American Sewing Guild's Private Newsletter, "Notions", Summer 2010.

As a result of living in the Finger Lakes Wine Region she created a unique bead line called "Wear-a-Memory" jewelry. These one-of-a-kind cherished keepsakes are individually created from wine bottles recycled from special events for clients. She also created a line of accessories and jewelry from regional recycled wine bottle glass.  In 2015 she began her current project with recycled antique BALL canning jars which creates a nostalgic line of accessories for customers. 

Her one-of-a-kind flamework glass beads are available as loose beads, individual buttons and unique finished jewelry designs. The fun and playful nature of creating unique one-of-a-kind beads is ever evolving and keeps her passionate about flameworking in glass.

Why glass? ... It's just plain fun to do, and it brings her great JOY to watch people light up when they see it, touch it or wear it! Glass beads are a tradition from the past that connect with the present. Joyful Adornments Glass Studio is a feast for the eyes, an experience for the hands with a connection to the heart!

Quality Guarantee ... The flamework beads have been individually created by hand for you by Bonnie and are properly annealed for strength and durability. Sterling Silver ear wires and clasps are incorporated so that your "Adornment" will be a durable quality piece you will be proud to use, wear or give as a gift. 99.9% Pure Silver is used in some of the one-of-a-kind silver pieces. Your 100% Satisfaction is our Joy!

Spool Bead Necklaces by Bonnie Scott of Joyful Adornments

Wine bottle beads by Bonnie Scott of Joyful Adornments


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